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Center for Innovations in Public Systems

   Note on JKC 20.08.2013
  Cips Project Proposal
  Cips Pilot Project - Coordinators - Mentors List

CIPS Questionaries

  Questionnaire for the Principals
  Questionnaire for the JKC – coordinators
  Questionnaire for the JKC- Employers
  Questionnaire for the Mentors
  JKC Student Feed Back

  Inaguration program on CIPS
  2 Days of Work shop at GDC Begumpet on 25 & 26 Nov, 2013
  CIPS program at IP
  CIPS program at Kairatabad
  CIPS program at Begumpet
  Feed back program on CIPS
  Interaction of chief coordinator with mentors

CIPS Report

  CIPS Final Report

CIPS Recommendations

  Action Plan Basing of CIPS Recommendations