Origin of the Department

Prior to 30.06.1975 Education at all levels in the State was being managed by one Head of the Department called Directorate of Public Instruction (DPI). There was enormous growth of educational Institutions, both at Secondary and Collegiate levels. With a view to streamline the functioning of the monolithic Directorate of Public Instruction and making it function more effectively, the Government have issued orders, bifurcating the department into the Directorate of School Education and Directorate of Higher Education in the year 1975 vide G.O. MsNo. 788 Edn., dated 30.06.1975. The Directorate of Higher Education was entrusted with the responsibility of the Management of Degree and Junior Colleges in the State.

Directorate of Collegiate Education

Over the years due to enormous increase in the number of Junior colleges on one hand and the Degree Colleges on the other, administration of these two sectors of Higher Education became difficult for a single Head of the Department. Therefore to give special attention to these two areas of education, The Directorate of Higher Education was further divided into Directorate of Collegiate Education and Directorate of Intermediate Education vide G.O.Ms.No.343-Edn, Dated: 31.10.1989.Thus the Directorate of Collegiate Education came into existence on 01.11.1989 as a separate entity to deal exclusively with the matters of Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Colleges in the State.

Purpose for creation of the Department

The Department is created to promote Collegiate Education, giving special attention to the areas located in Backward and Rural areas, to strengthen Women education at undergraduate and post-graduate levels to create educational opportunities for weaker sections of the society and to introduce need-based vocational courses replacing the conventional courses in a phased manner.

Evolution of the Department

In the year 1969 the State Government had introduced 10+2+3 systems of education and started number of Junior Colleges in the State to impart Intermediate Education. The number of these colleges increased immensely after formation of Directorate of Higher Education on 30.06.1975. Consequently, the administrative responsibilities of Director of Higher Education have enormously increased and the centralized management of all the colleges from the State capital had become very difficult. Thus the need was felt to decentralize the organization which has resulted in the creation of four regional offices in the State to oversee the functioning of colleges in the respective regions in the year 1981. The four offices of Regional Joint Directors are located at Rajahmundry, Gutur, Kadapa and Warangal.

Officials Working

The Commissioner of Collegiate Education (CCE)


The Chief Controlling Authority and Head of the Department of Collegiate Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh.


Controls all administrative units including the Regional offices and all Degree Colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh


Implements all the policies of the Government relating to the Department of Collegiate Education


Ex-officio Member of the Executive Councils of all Universities in the State


Implements executes all the academic administrative matters relating to the department

Commissioner of Collegiate Education Dr. Pola Bhaskar, IAS

Joint Director (JD)


Assist the Commissioner of Collegiate Education and supervise the work of personnel and functionaries under their control. Conduct enquiries and inspections. Attend the work assigned by the CCE.


Conduct enquiries and inspections. Attend the work assigned by the CCE.

Joint Director Dr. R David Kumar Swamy

Regional Joint Directors (RJDs)


Competent authority under A.P Education Act for Private Aided Colleges in the region


Appointing authority to the posts of Senior Assistants and other categories below the cadre of Senior Assistants in Govt. Degree Colleges.


Inspects the colleges and conducts enquiries in their juridiction


to deal with the matters delegated by the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education.

RJDCE Rajahmundry     Dr. Krishna Chappidi

RJDCE Guntur               Dr. V. Rama Jyotsna Kumari

RJDCE Kadapa             Dr. D. Nagalinga Reddy

Deputy Director (DD)


Assist the Commissioner in all administrative matters of the department such as appointments, transfers, disciplinary cases, court cases etc.

Deputy Director Sri B.N. Sankara Rao

Academic Guidance Officer (AGO)


Assists the Commissioner in all academic matters of the department such as introduction of restructured courses, assessment of workload in the colleges, analysis of the results, monitoring of academic affairs of the colleges and computerization of data of the department. He is assisted by Lecturers in discharging his duty.

Academic Guidance Officer Dr. Ch Tulasi

          Academic Cell Members
S# Name of the Academic Officer Core Job Monitoring Districts
(No. of Colleges)
1 Sri P.Sreedhar Information Technology Initiatives Anantapuramu (7) 9985096066
2 Smt. J.Jyothi TLP App In-charge Krishna (4) & NTR (4) 9849871123
3 Dr. Y.Venkateswarlu Student Talent Promotion West Godavari (6) & Eluru (8) 9490794025
4 Dr. G.Sailaja Employability Skills East Godavari (5) & SPS Nellore (6) 9493382141
5 Dr. A.Ram Gopal JKCMC activities & Chief Coordinator Visakhapatnam (4) & Anakapalli (6) 9441247706
6 Sri R.Ravikiran Activities of Autonomous Colleges Prakasam (5) & Bapatla (4) 9640656432
7 Dr. T.John Kiran Babu Training Programmes for Faculty and Principals Srikakulam (11) & Parvathipuram Manyam (5) 9440382140
8 Sri V.Babu Ramjee LMS related activities Vizianagaram (6) & Alluri Sitharama Raju (7) 9849668868
9 Sri E.Vara Prasad ELL & Continuous Internal Assessment Tirupati (9) & Chittoor (8) 9440231336
10 Dr. P.Vijaya Kumar Research and Development YSR (9) 9052002687
11 Smt. S.Renuka Extra-Curricular Activities Kakinada (7) & Konaseema (7) 8309661072
12 Dr. T.Malathi Rekha Feedback Forms Kurnool (6) & Nandyal (8) 7013918189
13 Dr. N.Srinivasa Rao Games and Sports Annamayya (8) & Sri Sathya Sai (6) 9490794025
14 Dr.Chinta Naga Manisha Internships In-Charge,
Industry Connect Portal Development,
APCCE Website Development,
Career Guidance,
Placement Assistance Activities.
- 9885766144

Officer on Special Duty (OSD)


Employability, Curriculum Based Skill Courses, Industry Connect & Internships

Officer on Special Duty Dr.P.Anil Kumar


Guiding and Monitoring for submission of AQARs, Visiting and Handholding colleges for gap analysis and betterment, Monitoring for submission of IIQA and SSR, Guiding colleges for P.T visits, Guiding colleges through VCs.

Officer on Special Duty for NAAC and Quality Issues Dr. K.Vijaya Babu

Chief Accounts Officer (CAO)


Assists the Commissioner in financial matters such as preparation and control of budget, preparation of office records to A.G.’s audit


Conduct inspections in Colleges and RJDCE offices in terms of Financial matters.

Chief Accounts Officer Smt. T.Anuradha

Assistant Directors (ADs)


Assist the Deputy Directors, Joint Directors and the Commissioner.


Supervise the sections under their control. They deal with the Service and other matters allotted to them.

Assistant Director - 1 Sri P.S.M.G. Sagar

Assistant Director - 2 Smt. R.Lalitha Mahalakshmi

Assistant Director - 3 Smt. B.Lalitha